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Please read before entering

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

Cashier window closes one hour after session starts. No admittance after that time.

Cal-Skate Clovis requires neatness and cleanliness of all patrons.
Clothing that we consider distasteful for our family environment will not be allowed in the building.


  • Shorts are to be worn NO shorter than mid-thigh.

  • Articles of clothing which display gang symbols, profanity, products or slogans promoting tobacco, alcohol, drugs and sex will not be allowed.

  • Any clothing or apparel that depicts a professional or college sports team that is associated with gangs or otherwise conflicts with the standards for acceptable apparel will not be allowed. Clothing that an individual might wear to identify themselves for the purpose of harassing, threatening, or to intimidate others will not be allowed.
  • No bare feet. Socks are required for skate rental.
  • No sunglasses worn inside the building.
  • No bare midriffs,chests, off the shoulder, bare backs, halter-tops, tube tops, see through or fish net outfits, string tie tops, or low cut tops that expose excessive cleavage. No plain white undershirts. No beach wear, swim wear, spaghetti straps. Tank tops must not be less than two inches (2”) in width.
  • We do not recommend wearing skirts while skating. However, if you choose to they must be no shorter than 6” above the knee, and undergarments must be worn.
  • No worn, faded or ragged pants or cut-offs.
  • No hats on the skating floor; hats are to be worn in the traditional manner (bill facing forward), No hooded sweatshirts and or hooded jackets to be worn in building.